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Career @ Akshaya Inc.

Computer Programmer (MULTIPLE OPENINGS)
Posted: 03/31/2022
Job Duties:
Write and review computer programs to enhance computer applications to effectively store and retrieve data across large relational databases; Create technical specifications to automate business processes; Analyze computer systems and perform programming tasks to optimize the performance of computer applications; and Test the computer programs, fix bugs and resolve technical issues.
Six years of experience as a Programmer, Consultant, Programmer Analyst, Technology Analyst, or a related occupation. The required experience must include two years of experience with any one of the following: JAVA Programming Language; SQL Programming Language; .NET Framework; ORACLE Database; SAP ERP System; SFDC Software; Apache Hadoop Software; Selenium Framework; DevOps Tools.
*This position may require travel and/or relocation to various unanticipated client locations throughout USA
Job Site:
Akshaya, Inc., 415 Boulder Ct, Suite 100, Pleasanton, CA 94566 AND various unanticipated client locations throughout USA.
Full-time (40 hours per week).
Send resume to HR, Akshaya Inc., 415 Boulder Ct, Suite 100, Pleasanton, CA 94566.